Bob's New Ride

Here's some pics of Bob's new-used car. We had to drive 3 hours to get it but we really got a good deal for our price range. He needed a commuter car for work and school and with gas prices and living outside of town, we needed something good on gas. And you just can't get much better than a civic unless you go hybrid. 7-7-07 002 7-7-07 001 The couple we bought it from, Jason and Ashley, were so nice. (We liked Jackson too, their BIG chocolate Lab.) We really connected with them and may take them up on the offer for surf lessons. :) Jason has been surfing since he was 10 years old so he's a pro! I think it would be the biggest rush to surf through a tube!! Maybe someday.:)

Colson's Friend

This is Colson's friend Saneya. These guys are so cute together! They love to just run, squeal, and laugh... oh the life of a toddler, so easily entertained.:) 6-13-07 Colson & Saneya 006 His First Kiss. Boy are we going to have our hands full!! 6-13-07 Colson & Saneya 003 Ahhhh! This is so cute! It looks like Colson's saying, "It's ok Saneya, I'll protect you." 6-13-07 Colson & Saneya 004

Colson says his name!

Colson said his name for the first time yesterday. We were sitting on the couch and he was pointing to all of his cousins pictures on the wall wanting me to name them off and he would repeat some of them and then he pat his chest and said "Cohen" which of course is also pronounced Colson! :) He also started saying "orange" and "horse" yesterday too. He LOVES learning to say new words because he will repeat them over and over and over... and do a little smirk at the same time. I sure do love my little Colson aka Cohen. :)

My Little Smiley Face!

Aven is one Happy Camper right now. 7-02-07 Aven Smile 010 Dimple Boy! Dimple Boy!

Blue Man

Colson's going to try out for the Blue Man Group! He's off to a good start on the makeup. :) Little Blue Man DSC03007.JPG


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