Catching Up

Here's some pics from our Monterey trip in Dec. You can always check them out in Flickr but in case you just want to see a few highlights... I Love this pic. I'm going to use it in Colson's new room. (We're doing surf/aquatic theme) He loves his fishies and the beach! 12-07 Monterey 048 12-07 Monterey 045 These guys were too cute! It's amazing how comfy they look on those huge sharp rocks! 12-07 Monterey 043 12-07 Monterey 039 This little bird looked like he did business with these guys rather often. :) 12-07 Monterey 030 12-07 Monterey 003 12-07 Monterey 061


One of my goals this year is to stay on top of blogging and posting new pics and videos. So far, not so good. But I have very good reason. I've had two sick little boys since Jan. 1st so we are just now on the mend and hopefully for the last time this winter! We had a great Christmas and New Year spending time with Family and Friends! Glad to back in warmer weather though and tackling my 2008 To Do List! I have made progress with the boys in some aspects. They are both sleeping in their new rooms! Thank God! So, two things down..Lots more to go! :)

Halloween has come and gone folks!

Time is flying! Hope your having fun! Ok, since Halloween is over that means Nov. is here and I've started playing the Christmas music! Love it! Anyway... Here are some pics from Hallelujah Night at our church. It was a Disney theme so they had lots of famous characters there. Colson had so much fun. While waiting in line for games he would dig into his candy, just couldn't wait! So, like a good Mommy when we got home I hid the rest of the candy so the kid would sleep that night. I also took it upon myself to protect him from all of that chocolate "stuff" that could do damage to his pretty little teeth. ;) Just looking out for my kiddo's. :) Colson didn't know what to think about all of the costumes. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 001 Colson with his friend Elizabeth the Dalmatian. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 002 Eddie does a great Jack Sparrow! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 006 Me with the one and only...Mr. Incredible! Too funny Steve! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 007 David as Aladdin. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 008 Colson loved the face painting, he chose a hippo. He loves painting himself at art class too, arms totally covered in paint...such a boy thing! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 004 My Sweet Little Pumpkin! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 012 He has this thing with throwing his arms out like this and sticking his legs straight out. He'll freeze like that for a few minutes so it looks like he's kind of stuck like that. Funny. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 010 See, he does this all the time in his little bath ring too. I guess he's just excited! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 026

pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

I love this time of year. October begins the first of several months of fun to come! The weather is just right and there are plenty of activities going on. We took the kids to a couple of pumpkin patches this week and Colson of course had a blast! Mini mazes, stories, animals, hayride, pick-your-own pumpkin... Now its time to carve some pumpkins, bake some pumpkin seeds and make some yummy pumpkin cake!

This year, Colson will be going as a Lion and Aven as a little Pumpkin. I'll post pics of their costumes later but here are some from our Pumpkin Patch Adventures...

Colson and Saneya
10-23-07 Hobb Grove 029
Colson was so nice to pause from playing and give Mommy a quick pose!:)

10-23-07 Hobb Grove 024
Christy and her little angels, Saneya and Sionna.

10-23-07 Hobb Grove 025
Colson loves it when Aben(Aven) can participate with him! I think/hope they will be close friends.:)

10-23-07 Hobb Grove 013 Colson loved the monsters! 10-23-07 Hobb Grove 017 3 Feet Tall 10-23-07 Hobb Grove 004 Colson and Saneya in the "Farm Train." 10-27-07 Cobb Ranch 002 My little Smiley Face Pumpkin! 10-27-07 Cobb Ranch 011 Happy Fall Everybody!!!

what to do?

Today I was at the mall, while there I let Colson play in the play area for a while to get some energy out. As we were preparing to leave, Colson stood up on the bench seating that surrounds the play area and as he did, he accidently knocked over a cup of coffee a guy had sitting on the ledge and it spilled all over some Brand New clothes his wife had just bought and was arranging in a box on the other side of this bench! Well, they were very nice about it and Colson obviously felt very bad about it. (He hung his head low and wanted to hide in Mommy.) I apologized several times and went ahead and left... I felt horrible and wanted to do something to help fix the problem my son Accidently caused, but what? But, on the flip side, I felt the man was partially to blame. He had his coffee sitting on the edge of the bench which was curved, not a level ledge, and my gosh it was the bench of a children's play area! Hello, accident waiting to happen! So, part of me was thinking he should have known better than to place it there.

My question is, "What could I have done, if anything, to repay them for damage done?" Or better said, "What would have been the right thing to do, as the mom, in this situation?"

Yes, it was an accident, but I kept thinking...Those were Brand New clothes, possibly a gift for someone because she was putting them in a box. Could she return them to the store and get a refund? If they were a gift and the store wouldn't accept them, she would have to take them home very soon, remove the tags and wash them to avoid staining and what kind of a gift would that be?

I guess I'm still feeling bad and thought I should have done something, I just didn't know what to do.

So, if you have any thoughts on this, I'd love to hear it.

Happy 30th Ed & Lois!

This past weekend Bob's Aunt & Uncle,(mine too of course:)), Ed & Lois, celebrated their 30th year of being hitched! A big congratulations goes out to them for making it work all these years. We live in a world where these marriage milestones are not so common anymore. So, a big shout out to Ed and Lois! We love you guys and had a great time celebrating with you.:) Even if Bob had no clue what he was eating! :) Colson is savoring the chocolate covered marshmallows, while Aven is appalled at his brothers gluttony! 9-15-07 Cisneros 30th Anniversary 022 Taking a breather before going back for more marshmallows! 9-15-07 Cisneros 30th Anniversary 021 Me and Sis. 9-15-07 Cisneros 30th Anniversary 013 Here's some of the delicious food we had that was prepared and displayed beautifully by a fantastic Chef from Anthony & Heather's church. (Bob said, "I've never seen so many vegetables fixed so many different ways!) Needless to say, he was feeling a tad "redneck" that night.:) 9-15-07 Cisneros 30th Anniversary 006 Our little Fam. 9-15-07 Cisneros 30th Anniversary 004 Two handsome guys. 9-15-07 Cisneros 30th Anniversary 015


Well, we had a great time in Kentucky with family. Colson made a lot of great memories, clung to Nana and Poppa and had soooo much fun with Nick(aka "the boy"), Tori, Booie(aka Brookie and "the kid"), Allie and Jon. We're all three having withdraws! :) We miss everyone very much and can't wait to go back for another visit. Here some pics of our HOT summer fun in Kentucky. Colson caught his first fish! "Mama, mama, I caught two pishy!" IMG_0698 Brooklynn's always ready for picture. :) IMG_0706 Every morning... "go jump," eat breakfast, "go jump" IMG_0687 The all talented Allie, taking care of cousin Aven. IMG_0694 Hmm, I wonder who gave the girls a pickle? Tisha knew exactly what to do with it. IMG_0716 Lyssa... not quite sure. IMG_0712 Tori, the little mother, playing with Colson in the balls. A big shout out to Tori! Awesome chic! Smart, funny, beautiful, responsible and only 10 years old! Love you girl. IMG_0750 Colson had a blast eating all the brownies at Booie's Tea Party! DSC_8153 Can't get enough. DSC_8181 Jon the cutie. DSC_8187

Words from America's Doctor...

"When things start to happen, don't worry, don't stew. Just go right along. You'll start happening too." ~ Dr. Seuss


7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 006 7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 007 7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 004 7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 003 We got Aven one of those cute little Bumbo seats that helps support them when they're trying to sit up but don't quite have the balance to do it on their own.  He can't totally hold his head up all of the time by himself yet (as you can see) so he won't get to use it a whole lot for a few more weeks. I think he's going to like it though. He loves to be sitting up (vs. laying in his bouncy seat) and looking around so he can see what's going on and what his big brother is getting in to! Colson thinks the Bumbo is a "baby potty." :) And of course he wants to sit in it too.

Captain America goes for a swim!

Colson went for his first swim this week while we were in LA. He absolutely loved the water and I think he's going to be a little fish! We've definitely got to get him in swimming lessons. DSC02967.JPG


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