Sweet things

Colson has been the sweetest kiddo the last few weeks. He's been telling Bob and I that he loves us, very often. He'll say, "I missed you." when one of us comes home. The other day he hugged me and said, "Thank you mommy for taking good care of us." At this point, I'm basically ready to give my kid anything he wants!! I'm nothing but mush. He's said "I love you" for a long time now but here lately it's just like he's been oozing sweetness and becoming more aware of our relationships. I love it! Also, one of his newest words he's been saying is "everystuff." Momma, I want everystuff. Too cute.

momma's boys

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These guys are great! So different and both so beautiful inside and out. We had so much fun with these two at the beach and the zoo! It was a short little trip and it left us all wanting to go back for some more beach time fun. Nature is so beautiful! I LOVE taking in the beach, ocean, tide pools, sun... God's world is amazing! :)

colson's art work

Colson's Art Work Originally uploaded by bobkepford

I loved this painting that Colson did at the "Young at Art" studio." We go there for fun sometimes and it's great for letting these little guys experiment and express themselves. I thought this "art project" (as Colson says) was worth framing. Love my little Arteest! :)

three staples

Three Staples

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This is one brave little dude! As you can see he busted his chin open today while at Sears Portrait studio, getting Aven's 1 year pics. From what we can gather he was running back to the lobby and tripped on the carpet in his little "croc" shoes (which are notorious for that on carpet) and hit his chin on either the desk or the chair, busting wide open. I think I wanted to cry more than he did.:( A guy brought a first aid kit down, so we bandaged it up and headed straight for the Dr. Colson was so brave and didn't cry at all until the staples were all in and then he just couldn't hold it in anymore! He sobbed all the way to Wal-Mart, and then some, to get his fish.(for being so brave) So proud of my little man. He of course has been milking the attention.:)

A Great Week!

DSC04458.JPG Why? Well... Aven has been sleeping through the night since Sunday!!!!!!!!!! Thank God! And (drum roll please) Colson has been in "big boy" underwear since Tuesday!!!!!! (Pull-ups at night of course) We've had plenty of accidents but this is the longest he's ever gone before with the "potty" deal. Bob and I are willing to do whatever we can to avoid going backwards on this. (We'll be saving a big chunk of change every month!) Colson seems to have been ready for a while, he'd go back and forth with going potty. We've tried everything to entice him, reward him... you name it. He'd be doing great and then all the sudden wouldn't want anything to do with it. Well, this week we were low on pull-ups so I told him we had to wear the "big boy" underwear because we didn't have very many pull-ups left and I didn't have the money to buy anymore...I don't know if that was it, but something is working and he doesn't even want to put pull-ups on at night! So this has been a pretty monumental week at our house! We're so proud of our little "big" guys and plan on rewarding them for all their hard work.:)

Little Photographer

Colson is our little budding photographer. Here's some of his work... Bananas Aven Colson 2-21-08 Colson's Photos 003 2-21-08 Colson's Photos 002 Orca, looking for Colson. Leo

More Olvaltine Please!

Yummy Originally uploaded by bobkepford

Colson wanted to make his own chocolate milk...no problem. Until, he discovered he liked the way Olvaltine tasted WITHOUT the milk! He only had a couple of swigs of milk in his cup but he insisted it was enough. He ended up making some real CHOCOLATE milk. (a little on the black side, more like syrup) Yummy!

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake
Originally uploaded by bobkepford Well...I did it. I wanted to try and do one myself this year and wah lah! Will I do it again? I don't know. If I keep making cakes for birthdays, yeah, it will save me a lot of money. But the time that goes into these suckers! This would probably be considered basic or at least easy and it was VERY time consuming. Oh well, I was pleased with how it turned out and I did something I'd never done before so... Definitely a new appreciation for cake decorators!

colson's 3rd birthday!

Well, I truly cannot believe my baby is already 3! It's true, when you have little ones, the days are long but the years are short. We had fun at his "Big 3" party. Several of his friends turned out for bubbles, playing ball, pizza and yummy Elmo Cake! Colson is growing so fast and surprises me all of the time with new things he's doing and saying. He does excellent (has for a while now) on his ABC's, phonics, letter recognition and counting to 20. He's more educated on the names of animals than most people I know.(He LOVES animals) Lately, he's been having a blast just playing outside in the dirt, running in behind bushes, chasing the kitty....just being a boy. I love watching my boys play and have fun, raising boys is more fun than I even thought it would be! :)


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