immediately after the National History Museum in L.A. Originally uploaded by bobkepford

Immediately after the National History Museum in L.A. These guys had so much fun down in L.A. Business trips for Bob means fun trips for the boys and I! :)

We touched Dino Dung!

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Dinosaurs!!! This is quite an obsession right now with Colson. Since Monday, he's watched "Walking with Dinosaurs" and "Chased by Dinosaurs" like 20 TIMES! These are like documentary type BBC movies folks, I'm not talking "Land Before Time" stuff... LOVES them! I have to say, it's so much fun for me just watching him LOVE something so much. I'm enjoying his excitement in his obsessions. Oh yeah, we supposedly touched "For Real" Dino Dung! We didn't know that until after we touched it but it was as hard as a rock, since ya know it's pretty old. And it actually looked a little shiny so it was probably sprayed with some type of protectant/preservative or something. Anyway, pretty cool even if it was doo doo. :)

Go USA!!!

We are having a blast watching the Olympics this year. Even the boys are loving it and Colson leads in the chant, "Go U-S-A," repeat...! We're also getting a kick out of watching Colson jump up on the coffee table trying to mimic the gymnastic moves! :)
These are a few of our favs to watch...
I just fell in love with Michael the first time I watched him because when he was receiving his medal he was standing there so proud and smiling and you could see him mouth, " I'm looking for my mom!" as he scanned the crowd! He loves his Momma! So sweet! I immediately was proud!:)

Go USA! Gotta Love Phil Dalhausser! (Something about him reminds me of my brother-in-law) Phil Dalhausser - Dig And last but not least Ms. Natalie Coughlin! You go Cali girl!! Natalie Coughlin

this is me...

I found this in an art journal from this chic that I totally dig her style and art work. and I thought...I am here. Nice to know some of your thoughts and feelings are shared...totally connected.

Art-When my kids grow up

Rock Out!

Colson Feeds Orca

colson's newest animal on his "i want one" list.

everyday i learn something new! (from my kids)

While drinking milk and juice, back to back, Colson states,

"Milk comes from cows and juice comes from sheep!"

Later today, a big June bug was on its way to Aven's digestive system when I intercepted it by shrieking, grabbing it and remarked how gross that was! Colson said, "That's disgusting!" I agreed and then he said "... because we have to cook it and then eat it!"

Thomas the Train

Me and my little bud Originally uploaded by bobkepford

What boy doesn't love Thomas at some point? We had so much fun at Discovery Kingdom (aka The Elephant Parade by Colson) seeing all the animal shows, feeding a dolphin (I LOVED that), riding an elephant (rather painful), and all the fun rides. But as much as Colson LOVES animals, I think riding the Thomas Train was close to the top of the list of favs. Love you little guy!

Cute and Practical

I'm lovin' these cute shoes! Originally uploaded by bobkepford

Ok. Ever buy something and the more you use/wear it the more you're saying, "Man, I'm glad I bought this/these!" Well, these shoes are my little "good find." They're made by Crocs so they are comfy and very practical because you can wash em off all the time. And plus, they're just darn cute. Worth the cash. They'll stand the test of tread.


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