Off to a good start.

Well, I'm happy to say I'm Almost finished going through every last closet and cabinet in my house! My house then needs a deep cleaning throughout but it does my mind good just getting rid of "stuff." So, I'm off to a good start this year with purging, excersizing 4 times already this week, taking more time out to read...things are good. We got a good report on my Mom's surgery yesterday so we are thrilled with that! On the road to recovery. We absolutely LOVED visiting with our newest little cousin(feels more like a niece) last night, Analise Ivy. As you can see, she is incredibly adorable with the cutest little face! A Doll! Sleeping Beauty I'm a very blessed girl and looking forward to the long weekend with the fam! We are so going to enjoy our nice weather here and not take it for granted! peace and love


Well, I am feeling pretty well in this first month of the new year. Since we got home from KY, I've been going through toy boxes, closets, kitchen cabinets...everything and ridding our house of unwanted and unused "stuff." Ya know kitchen dishes and gadgets that I've never used, cheapo toys that are missing parts or are never played with... It's amazing how fast and how much one can accumulate. Because I feel I clean out closets and drawers on a regular basis! But this being a fresh new year (good excuse), I'm not quitting until I have every closet, drawer, container... looked through and revamped! It feels SO GOOD!

The only dilemma is I would really like to have a yard sale and make a little cash but holding onto this stuff in the garage (which is in desperate need of gutting out all the junk) would drive me NUTS! The other option is goodwill. More than likely the latter will happen.

I have a long list of things to get done or accomplish this year and I want to make this a year of ACTION. All of us have things we want to do but getting from the thinking about it, to the doing it sometimes takes planning and figuring out where to start. I don't want to let this year slip away and not have a substantial amount of things crossed off my list.

So, with that said I wish everyone pro-activeness this year in what ever area you desire to focus on in your life. It is extremely gratifying when you set goals, lay out a plan and later can look back at what you accomplished. Fulfilling.

Happy New Year 2009!

Christmas Songs - Colson's versions

Colson is LOVING the whole Christmas scene even more this year and he's quickly developing a love for LOTS of Christmas songs. And you know how you heard songs when you were a kid, sang them for years only to find out when you got older that you've been singing Totally wrong words in the song? He's actually picking the words and tunes up really well overall but here's a few of his fav's that get a little mixed up... "Santa Baby, you're the one!" (How Santa Baby and Rubber Ducky got mixed up I'll never know) "It's getting to be like Christmas..." "I still want a hula-poo!" "Frosty the Snowman...with a corncob head..."

a great day!

Love this birthday gift! My sweet guys got this for me today! I've been wanting it for like 2 years now but was totally surprised to see this sweet piece of jewelry all wrapped up just for me! My good friend Christy actually sells this jewelry imported from Egypt. Excellent quality and great style. Check her out here. I also got some cash from my parents and my in-laws and we all know how awesome it is to get money for a gift! Thanks to both sets of parents!:) love you It's been a great Thanksgiving/Birthday. Enjoyed a relaxing day with family eating lots of yummy food.(especially my homemade pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing.) I'm not bragging or anything it's just the best pumpkin cake in the world!! A great family recipe I got from my mama.:) So now we're just chilling at home. Colson' watching the "Credibles" aka "The Incredibles." We'll see how long it takes him to get the crap scared out of him! He's a pretty sensitive guy but he's growing out of it with his love for dinosaurs. Well, I hope everyone is blessed on this Happy Thanksgiving Day! Here's just a few things (in random order) I'm thankful for at the moment: new hardwood flooring lower gas prices my birthday gifts my adorable boys Orca's leg is healed and he's back outside most of the time mild California winter my family helping me clothe my kiddos while I'm in KY since I'm limited on luggage with the new fees black friday sales my sweet hubby trader joe's stuffing that tastes somewhat close to my mom's homemade stuffing seeing Trecia and meeting her man Keith spending time with family

it's the holiday seasaon (holiday season)...

I'm so ready for the holidays! yummy food, family, friends, shopping, holiday tunes, decorations, watching someones face as they open presents... what's not to love? so, I've decided this year that we have a good excuse to put the tree up early! The boys and I will be flying to KY for Christmas in early Dec. so if we wait until Thanksgiving night (as is our tradition) we will have barely any time to thoroughly enjoy it! Makes sense right? I always want to put up the tree early but never let myself because I don't want to downplay Thanksgiving or rush the holiday season all-together. Anyway, this year is the exception. with that said, the house of bob is having a christmas party tonight! music, cookies, hot chocolate... the works! so, happy holidays everybody! i hope your season is bright with smiles, love, hugs and goodtimes!! off to make gingerbread cookies!

my new wedding band

off with the old. well, it's actually been off for awhile. since my pregnancy with aven to be exact. swelling, weight gain, etc. and it's yellow gold, which I've never been a big fan of but our band was given to us from a sweet missionary lady, Sis. Mitchell. This was touching and special so we went with a yellow gold engagement ring also. It's a simple, classic set that I will never part with but I've been wanting something new for long time now.

I thought with our 10 year anniversary coming up we could both get new sets but with lack of extra cash and not really seeing anything "to die for," that's not happening. so, i've grown tired of looks and assumptions with not wearing any band on the left hand and have decided to get something a little unconventional and more to my liking. :) The above pictured ring is the winner. I can't wait for it to get here!

think about it...

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." ...Thomas Jefferson


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boys = dirt, bugs, adventure, fun...

my little towhead

DSC_0135.JPG Originally uploaded by bobkepford

He's such a lovey little dude! Both of my boys are really. I just wonder how long it will last? I'm sure most boys go through there stage of "kisses are gross" or "just a quick hug will do" but hopefully if they do go through this, they will come back around to loving on there Mama! :) In the mean time... I'm going to enjoy all the hugs and kisses i get!!

Big Brother

DSC05589.JPG Originally uploaded by bobkepford

These guys are the sweetest! It is heart melting to watch these guys interact.(sometimes) Colson had his first "real" experience as "big brother taking up for little brother" the other day at a play area. Even though the VERY little girl was half Colson's size and couldn't have hurt Aven with her toughest blow, Colson stepped in and set her straight! I beamed with pride! My boys may try and kill each other at different points in their life but I want them to always have that relationship where they're looking out for each other. Very special.:)


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