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easy, peasy burp cloths...

Finally... something that not only looked easy to make but actually was! I usually underestimate how much work or difficulty will be involved in most projects. However, these burp cloths are quick, easy and adorable!

I bought the 6 layer burp cloths, which are a little pricier but worth it in my opinion for looks and quality.

Make sure you wash and dry before you start sewing. They REALLY shrink up.

Measure the widest point and length of the middle section of the burp cloth.

Allow for 1 inch on the height and width for the seams.

Cutting out a rectangle the same size of the middle of the burp cloth makes for easy hem prep. (no measuring!)

Then pin that baby on the burp cloth, top stitch around the edges and viola!

These literally can be made in minutes!