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I feel like my kids are growing at faster than normal speeds! It's really hard to believe I have a 6 year old and almost 4 year old. So, I've been looking into growth charts to try and keep track of these little weeds. Of course there are several options i.e., canvas growth charts, vinyl stickers, door frame, paper, wood, themed, plain... I debated whether to make this a keepsake type thing and have one for personalized for each child. But as I see it, my boys probably won't give a flip about hanging on to the actual chart, be it canvas, paper or wood, their growth is what they will want to reference and when their growing season is over, I'll have that all recorded nicely in their childhood scrapbook. :)

So, I decided to go with purchasing a 1x6x6 board and painting it myself. 

It's portable, slim, stylish, and fits right in on the art wall.