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So the art class was full of awesomeness! The instructor, Emily, is amazing with all of her ideas, creativity and her oh so cool Australian accent! :) The gallery was full of fresh and inspiring projects from the class.

I didn't get to dive in anywhere NEAR the rate I wanted to but I did get a good start on a cool little art journal. :)

I've been wanting to break out the paint so bad lately and so even in the small amount of time that I was able to devote to the class projects, was exhilirating and left me craving more! 

Even if I can't draw some amazingly detailed or complex design, I love the feeling of freedom, freshness,  and artsyness(a made up word I'm sure) when you pull out some paint and just start playing! 

I LOVE how Emily encourages kicking perfectionism out the door and allowing yourself to make mistakes, try something new or different, use anything around you to create, and GET MESSY! I need to go to this happy place quite often. ;)

Here's the beginnings of a little journal...