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life list

this list will be continuously updated. the point of it is to put my thoughts, dreams, aspirations... on "paper" to always be a reminder to me to keep dreaming, keep checking things off my list, set new goals, set and reset priorities... to live to the fullest. so, I am making a list of things I want to do, see, accomplish and change in my life time. some are external, some internal. above all, I want to thoroughly enjoy where I'm at in every stage of life. 

in random order...

~travel! travel! travel! - Australia, Italy, France, Costa Rica...

~do New York in the summer and in Nov./Dec. for the Holidays

~develop a new depth of patience with myself, my hubby and my kiddos

~visit San Diego - beaches, legoland, Wild Animal Park, Zoo & Sea World...etc.

~go to Memphis and do the whole Elvis shabang 

~lose weight and incorporate exercise into 3 to 5 days a week

~join a pilates or yoga class

~have a messy art room totally devoted to creating things

~take art, photography, sewing, jewelry making - lessons

~do a road trip

~take a vacation with one or more other families

~stay in a cabin in Yosemite

~see Harry Connick Jr, Bill Cosby, Cold Play and U2 in concert

~finish at least my AA degree

~own my own home and make it my family's cozy little refuge

~make adorable pj's for my boys every christmas

~swim with dophins

~be 100% debt free

~develop a source of income from home.

~embrace my imperfections