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yum yum for my tum...

it's that time of year again and I have been fresh out for a while now so we are thrilled to see some yummy homeade strawberry jam back in the fridge again. we always had homeade strawberry jam growing up and it was THE BEST! everyone loved it and I always thought my mom MUST have some amazing, secret recipe that no one else knew about!! I actually felt rather prideful about it, thinking, NO ONE could make jam like my momma.

well, after moving to Cali, I had to "grow up" and start cooking everything for myself. (couldn't just run to mom and pop's and get a YUMMO meal anytime I wanted) so, homeade strawberry jam was one of those things that I really missed so when I called mom for the secret recipe, I was dumfounded to know...MY mom used the recipe on the Sure-Jell box! What?! how could this be?! I was somewhat disappointed that this wasn't a "Burnett Family" exclusive (oh my pride) and also relieved when I seen how easy the recipe was! ;)

anywho, I started making the "famous" strawberry jam and was VERY pleased when my first batch turned out "just as good as mom's!" however, since having kids and trying to be more health conscience with their food choices, I felt great that my picky eater was finally trying new things and eating strawberry jam but...ALL THAT SUGAR! I just couldn't feel good about that. so, I recently found this, tried it and was thrilled!

it only uses 1 1/2 cups of sugar compared to Sure-Jell's whopping 4 cups! and it has been officially taste tested by Colson and Aven (and me of course) and get's a giant blue ribbon. infact, as Colson is licking it off of his lips he shouts, "We make the best jam in the world!!"

so I can now feel a lot better about feeding this to my boys and it tastes just as yummy if not better than the sugar-loaded jam!