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busy, busy...

So... the last couple of weeks have been full and fun. I had a wonderful time with my friend Christy and her girls (who moved far, far away from me :( ), doing lunch together. So good to spend time together, I definitely want to try and make the voyage her way sometime in the future. We traveled to LA for another business trip with Bob. These are great for us to tag along and take advantage of a cheap, mini "vacation." We went on a whale watching cruise which was really cool and I definitely want to do it again. We spotted one grey whale from afar and tons of dolphins swimming close to the boat. A sea lion followed closely behind the boat for quite a ways enjoying the waves created by the boat. It was really fascinating watching dolphins circle and round up fish as pelicans and seagulls anxiously awaited to dive in and enjoy a well prepared feast! We also took the boys to The Discovery Science Center which was educational, fun and dinorific! I love science center's like this, so fun and educational and parents can enjoy it and actually learn a few things too! After LA, we unpacked, washed clothes and repacked for our good friend, Paul's wedding. Absolutely beautiful! The River Mill was the name of the place and it just had so much beauty and character inside and out...with flower gardens, fountains, candles, exposed brick walls... If you've ever watched the Friends episode where Ross is getting married...this place reminded me of that. So cozy and romantic! So...we wish our friends Paul and Lauren a life together more beautiful than any wedding day could ever be, we love you guys and are so happy you have found love together and we wish you many happy memories together! We had a great time visiting with friends and making new ones while in Tracy for the wedding! Colson and Madison just pick up where they left off and have a blast!