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Turning 4

So excited to turn 4..."then 5, then 6, then 7...!" I asked Colson a few weeks ago what he wanted for his birthday and he said, "I want a car that goes really fast and I want to channel it!" (a long time ago we figured out that that channelling something means controlling it or using a remote control...) So, that's what we got him and when he opened it he jumped up and down squealing "that's what I wanted!!" It's so fun to see your kids so happy and wanting something and you get to give it to them... Of course Bob was thrilled also when Colson said he wanted a R/C car, Bob's like, "You know we'll need to get two of them." Yeah, this is when it really starts getting fun...when Dad can enjoy some of the kids toys too!! This is right after opening the R/C vehicle
the dino cake...

loving on Analise... making his "silly face" that he says Poppy taught him...I think it was Nick.:)
Happy Birthday big guy...I LOVE you!
and Thanks to all the family for celebrating with us, both near and far, and making Colson's day special.:) Love you all.