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Well, I am feeling pretty well in this first month of the new year. Since we got home from KY, I've been going through toy boxes, closets, kitchen cabinets...everything and ridding our house of unwanted and unused "stuff." Ya know kitchen dishes and gadgets that I've never used, cheapo toys that are missing parts or are never played with... It's amazing how fast and how much one can accumulate. Because I feel I clean out closets and drawers on a regular basis! But this being a fresh new year (good excuse), I'm not quitting until I have every closet, drawer, container... looked through and revamped! It feels SO GOOD!

The only dilemma is I would really like to have a yard sale and make a little cash but holding onto this stuff in the garage (which is in desperate need of gutting out all the junk) would drive me NUTS! The other option is goodwill. More than likely the latter will happen.

I have a long list of things to get done or accomplish this year and I want to make this a year of ACTION. All of us have things we want to do but getting from the thinking about it, to the doing it sometimes takes planning and figuring out where to start. I don't want to let this year slip away and not have a substantial amount of things crossed off my list.

So, with that said I wish everyone pro-activeness this year in what ever area you desire to focus on in your life. It is extremely gratifying when you set goals, lay out a plan and later can look back at what you accomplished. Fulfilling.

Happy New Year 2009!