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a great day!

Love this birthday gift! My sweet guys got this for me today! I've been wanting it for like 2 years now but was totally surprised to see this sweet piece of jewelry all wrapped up just for me! My good friend Christy actually sells this jewelry imported from Egypt. Excellent quality and great style. Check her out here. I also got some cash from my parents and my in-laws and we all know how awesome it is to get money for a gift! Thanks to both sets of parents!:) love you It's been a great Thanksgiving/Birthday. Enjoyed a relaxing day with family eating lots of yummy food.(especially my homemade pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing.) I'm not bragging or anything it's just the best pumpkin cake in the world!! A great family recipe I got from my mama.:) So now we're just chilling at home. Colson' watching the "Credibles" aka "The Incredibles." We'll see how long it takes him to get the crap scared out of him! He's a pretty sensitive guy but he's growing out of it with his love for dinosaurs. Well, I hope everyone is blessed on this Happy Thanksgiving Day! Here's just a few things (in random order) I'm thankful for at the moment: new hardwood flooring lower gas prices my birthday gifts my adorable boys Orca's leg is healed and he's back outside most of the time mild California winter my family helping me clothe my kiddos while I'm in KY since I'm limited on luggage with the new fees black friday sales my sweet hubby trader joe's stuffing that tastes somewhat close to my mom's homemade stuffing seeing Trecia and meeting her man Keith spending time with family