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it's the holiday seasaon (holiday season)...

I'm so ready for the holidays! yummy food, family, friends, shopping, holiday tunes, decorations, watching someones face as they open presents... what's not to love? so, I've decided this year that we have a good excuse to put the tree up early! The boys and I will be flying to KY for Christmas in early Dec. so if we wait until Thanksgiving night (as is our tradition) we will have barely any time to thoroughly enjoy it! Makes sense right? I always want to put up the tree early but never let myself because I don't want to downplay Thanksgiving or rush the holiday season all-together. Anyway, this year is the exception. with that said, the house of bob is having a christmas party tonight! music, cookies, hot chocolate... the works! so, happy holidays everybody! i hope your season is bright with smiles, love, hugs and goodtimes!! off to make gingerbread cookies!