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my new wedding band

off with the old. well, it's actually been off for awhile. since my pregnancy with aven to be exact. swelling, weight gain, etc. and it's yellow gold, which I've never been a big fan of but our band was given to us from a sweet missionary lady, Sis. Mitchell. This was touching and special so we went with a yellow gold engagement ring also. It's a simple, classic set that I will never part with but I've been wanting something new for long time now.

I thought with our 10 year anniversary coming up we could both get new sets but with lack of extra cash and not really seeing anything "to die for," that's not happening. so, i've grown tired of looks and assumptions with not wearing any band on the left hand and have decided to get something a little unconventional and more to my liking. :) The above pictured ring is the winner. I can't wait for it to get here!