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We touched Dino Dung!

DSC05504.JPG Originally uploaded by bobkepford

Dinosaurs!!! This is quite an obsession right now with Colson. Since Monday, he's watched "Walking with Dinosaurs" and "Chased by Dinosaurs" like 20 TIMES! These are like documentary type BBC movies folks, I'm not talking "Land Before Time" stuff... LOVES them! I have to say, it's so much fun for me just watching him LOVE something so much. I'm enjoying his excitement in his obsessions. Oh yeah, we supposedly touched "For Real" Dino Dung! We didn't know that until after we touched it but it was as hard as a rock, since ya know it's pretty old. And it actually looked a little shiny so it was probably sprayed with some type of protectant/preservative or something. Anyway, pretty cool even if it was doo doo. :)