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7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 006 7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 007 7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 004 7-15-07 Aven - Bumbo 003 We got Aven one of those cute little Bumbo seats that helps support them when they're trying to sit up but don't quite have the balance to do it on their own.  He can't totally hold his head up all of the time by himself yet (as you can see) so he won't get to use it a whole lot for a few more weeks. I think he's going to like it though. He loves to be sitting up (vs. laying in his bouncy seat) and looking around so he can see what's going on and what his big brother is getting in to! Colson thinks the Bumbo is a "baby potty." :) And of course he wants to sit in it too.