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Halloween has come and gone folks!

Time is flying! Hope your having fun! Ok, since Halloween is over that means Nov. is here and I've started playing the Christmas music! Love it! Anyway... Here are some pics from Hallelujah Night at our church. It was a Disney theme so they had lots of famous characters there. Colson had so much fun. While waiting in line for games he would dig into his candy, just couldn't wait! So, like a good Mommy when we got home I hid the rest of the candy so the kid would sleep that night. I also took it upon myself to protect him from all of that chocolate "stuff" that could do damage to his pretty little teeth. ;) Just looking out for my kiddo's. :) Colson didn't know what to think about all of the costumes. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 001 Colson with his friend Elizabeth the Dalmatian. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 002 Eddie does a great Jack Sparrow! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 006 Me with the one and only...Mr. Incredible! Too funny Steve! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 007 David as Aladdin. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 008 Colson loved the face painting, he chose a hippo. He loves painting himself at art class too, arms totally covered in paint...such a boy thing! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 004 My Sweet Little Pumpkin! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 012 He has this thing with throwing his arms out like this and sticking his legs straight out. He'll freeze like that for a few minutes so it looks like he's kind of stuck like that. Funny. 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 010 See, he does this all the time in his little bath ring too. I guess he's just excited! 10-31-07 Hallelujah Night 026