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pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

I love this time of year. October begins the first of several months of fun to come! The weather is just right and there are plenty of activities going on. We took the kids to a couple of pumpkin patches this week and Colson of course had a blast! Mini mazes, stories, animals, hayride, pick-your-own pumpkin... Now its time to carve some pumpkins, bake some pumpkin seeds and make some yummy pumpkin cake!

This year, Colson will be going as a Lion and Aven as a little Pumpkin. I'll post pics of their costumes later but here are some from our Pumpkin Patch Adventures...

Colson and Saneya
10-23-07 Hobb Grove 029
Colson was so nice to pause from playing and give Mommy a quick pose!:)

10-23-07 Hobb Grove 024
Christy and her little angels, Saneya and Sionna.

10-23-07 Hobb Grove 025
Colson loves it when Aben(Aven) can participate with him! I think/hope they will be close friends.:)

10-23-07 Hobb Grove 013 Colson loved the monsters! 10-23-07 Hobb Grove 017 3 Feet Tall 10-23-07 Hobb Grove 004 Colson and Saneya in the "Farm Train." 10-27-07 Cobb Ranch 002 My little Smiley Face Pumpkin! 10-27-07 Cobb Ranch 011 Happy Fall Everybody!!!