It's so funny how kid's get obsessed with things. Toys, movie characters, food, words...etc.

This little guy loves to draw and almost every drawing is some form of Angry Birds.

I just love watching him work so intently on his drawings. :)

Great job Aven!

Angry Bird (By Aven)

pumpkin patch fun!

Love this time of year and all the pumpkin goodness that comes with it!

I so want to grow some of those gorgeous pumpkins in the last picture!!


I LOVE that my boys carry their notebooks with them almost everywhere they go, doodling and drawing away!

Here's some of their handiwork...

Angry Bird (By Aven)
Bob & Larry (By Aven)
The Butler, Larry Boy & Larry's car (By Aven)
Indiana Jones (By Aven)
Angry Bird (By Aven)
Angry Birds (By Colson)
Larry Boy (By Colson)
The Bad Apple (By Colson)
Indiana Jones (By Colson)
Characters conversing (By Colson)


I am having so much fun with Pinterest! But this I did not need to see.

These are my absolute favorite Girl Scout Cookie! There is literally drool running in between the type keys right now. Ha! Ok, just kidding. :) (I'm on a diet right now so they look even more appealing than normal to me.)


easy, peasy burp cloths...

Finally... something that not only looked easy to make but actually was! I usually underestimate how much work or difficulty will be involved in most projects. However, these burp cloths are quick, easy and adorable!

I bought the 6 layer burp cloths, which are a little pricier but worth it in my opinion for looks and quality.

Make sure you wash and dry before you start sewing. They REALLY shrink up.

Measure the widest point and length of the middle section of the burp cloth.

Allow for 1 inch on the height and width for the seams.

Cutting out a rectangle the same size of the middle of the burp cloth makes for easy hem prep. (no measuring!)

Then pin that baby on the burp cloth, top stitch around the edges and viola!

These literally can be made in minutes!


I feel like my kids are growing at faster than normal speeds! It's really hard to believe I have a 6 year old and almost 4 year old. So, I've been looking into growth charts to try and keep track of these little weeds. Of course there are several options i.e., canvas growth charts, vinyl stickers, door frame, paper, wood, themed, plain... I debated whether to make this a keepsake type thing and have one for personalized for each child. But as I see it, my boys probably won't give a flip about hanging on to the actual chart, be it canvas, paper or wood, their growth is what they will want to reference and when their growing season is over, I'll have that all recorded nicely in their childhood scrapbook. :)

So, I decided to go with purchasing a 1x6x6 board and painting it myself. 

It's portable, slim, stylish, and fits right in on the art wall. 



So the art class was full of awesomeness! The instructor, Emily, is amazing with all of her ideas, creativity and her oh so cool Australian accent! :) The gallery was full of fresh and inspiring projects from the class.

I didn't get to dive in anywhere NEAR the rate I wanted to but I did get a good start on a cool little art journal. :)

I've been wanting to break out the paint so bad lately and so even in the small amount of time that I was able to devote to the class projects, was exhilirating and left me craving more! 

Even if I can't draw some amazingly detailed or complex design, I love the feeling of freedom, freshness,  and artsyness(a made up word I'm sure) when you pull out some paint and just start playing! 

I LOVE how Emily encourages kicking perfectionism out the door and allowing yourself to make mistakes, try something new or different, use anything around you to create, and GET MESSY! I need to go to this happy place quite often. ;)

Here's the beginnings of a little journal...

art class

I signed up for this art class and I'm soooo excited! I've been following Emily Falconbridge's blog for a while now and totally love her style. This is a great deal for a 4 week class and a perfect opportunity for a mom with two little ones such as I, to take advantage of learning some cool art techniques right from my little home. :) You can still sign up until March 2.

Happy Morning to Ya

So this is really what gets me through my morning. :) I think I'm addicted to Peet's. I've only been a steady coffee drinker for a few years now and when I started, all I knew was Foldger's. And I'm not downing Foldger's, it was "the best part of waking up" before I met Peet's. ;) I gave Dunkin Donuts a try but, bluh...too weak! I'm open to trying new coffee because I'm a total addict now and it is my guiltless pleasure that I look forward to everyday. But for now "the best part of waking up" will be Peet's in MY cup!
Oh and sometime in the future I'm going to try coffee from a French Press, I've heard it's delish!

trying to choose a font?

hate scrolling and scrolling, highlighting text, choosing each individual font, click, click, click...? ME TOO! to see what different fonts look like all at one time, check out you can type something in the top black box and it will display the word you typed in all of the different fonts that you have stored on your computer! how cool is that?! I love it when smart people are nice and let the whole world use their creations for free!! This person needs a reward. :)


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